Strategies for Winning Real Money at NetEnt Casinos

It is not the question about where to find the casinos offering NetEnt games that seems to worry newbie punters. Their great concern is all about the casinos that offer the best Return to Play percentage and how best they can play their cards to emerge victors. Of cause, it all scales down to mastering the art and learning the ropes of the game the soonest possible. As demonstrated in , there are timeless strategies that separate top-notch punters from the crowd. In this post, we'll enlighten you on strategies that will enable you to identify and select a generous NetEnt slot in an online casino.

You will gain knowledge about the procedures for identifying the slots capable of giving you more winnings with less risks. However, we must warn you that these strategies will be of no use to you if you are a strong believer in the prize pools in casinos and slots. Note that there is a theory that the behavior of NetEnt slots is similar in both the demo and real-money play. As such, all money from games in the demo will be collected and eventually, you will switch to real play. Visit for further insight into this and other notable facts about the NetEnt slots.

Learn About the NetEnt Slots with High Volatility

The high volatility slots are the ones in which a player can hit mega big wins. Additionally, they also allow players to make a series of spins devoid of any payment combinations. Such slot machines tend to have an extremely high volatility of winning in addition to their long cycle. When placing your bets on such slots, you need to be extremely careful. You should have approximately 200-300 stakes on your balance. You'll also need to understand why you can win a more significant amount in some slots than others, what identifies the frequency and dispersion of winning, and the slots in which you can win more money.

Although you might be tempted to believe that all this has to do with the Return to Player (RTP) percentage and that the higher the RTP percentage, the more you can earn on the distance, you are only right to some extent. Many a time, punters orient themselves on the RTP percentage when selecting a slot. We, however, hold to the opinion that the volatility or the dispersion and the internal winning cycle's internal setting are much more important. High volatility implies that although the game is overly risky and a punter can easily lose a lot in a raw, they also stand a chance of hitting big.


Bonuses and Wagering Tips

Various online casinos' policies allow punters to receive positive mathematical expectations of winning. They also stand a chance of gaining an advantage of about 1.5%. If your worry has always been about how to win a NetEnt slot at a casino, then your answer is right here: You should consider choosing bonuses with wagering of 40 times and lower, as well as slots with RTP of 97.5% and above. There are greater opportunities of winning in casino slots through the use of statistics and mathematics. At the moment, we hold to the opinion that NetEnt is at the peak of popularity based on the aforementioned factors.

The bonus hunting strategy applies the above concept and, in essence, many punters rely on this strategy in a bid to hit a big win. You can get a positive mathematical expectation of winning legally and without the fear of violating any rules of casino. Any player who uses bonuses to get an advantage is literally excluded from the bonus promotions. This argument is based on the usage of the current strategy which has practically led to the high wagering requirements. The bottom line is playing only at slot machines with the return to player percentage of 97 and above.

Last modified: 22 January 2021